How Lance and LIVESTRONG Totally Screwed Me

In light of the recent developments surrounding Lance Armstrong and the US Anti-Doping Agency, I’ve decided to come clean about a few things. I know that some of you who read this will likely be stunned and shocked because I have always spoken so highly of Lance and his foundation. But, the fact of the matter is that the truth must be told.

When I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma at age 32, I was completely freaked out. My family was freaked out. There is no cure for the disease and it seemed like all we could find was bad news regarding survival rates and the effectiveness of available treatments. It was obviously a rough time for us. You would think that a situation like mine would be custom made for the support and services that LIVESTRONG allegedly provides.

Yeah, well, not so much.

Prior to beginning any harsh treatments, my girlfriend (now wife) wouldn’t stop nagging me about looking into fertility preservation. She was so concerned about wether or not we would be able to conceive a child after undergoing chemotherapy. We eventually found a lab in Austin that specialized in cryogenics. When we called to make an appointment, we were told that the cost of the service would be close to $2,000 because I had no health insurance. When we asked about possible payment/installment plans, etc., someone at their office recommended we call LIVESTRONG and ask about their SHARING HOPE Program.

We contacted the Foundation and had to fill out this enormous, one page application that consisted of three very tough questions: My name. My date of birth. My annual household income. Then I had to sign it! With a pen! Oh, and then I had to put the form into a fax machine and send it to LIVESTRONG! I can’t believe that they made me wait for nearly 2 whole hours before someone got back to me! And all they had to say was that I’d qualified for their program but the best they could do was assist us financially, knocking the cost of the fertility preservation from $2,000 to around $250, which would include a year of free storage.

REALLY? Saving me $1,750 and preserving a chance to have kids some day? You call that help?

Next LIVESTRONG’s Cancer Navigation Center demanded that they get involved in helping me find insurance that would allow me access to necessary, life-saving treatments. When we found the coverage, I was left with no other option but to go to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. What, I’m

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supposed to be impressed because it’s the #1 ranked Cancer Treatment Center in the country? Whatever.

Oh and by the way, how dare they provide me with a voice and a platform to share my story to help educate, encourage, and inspire others who may find themselves in situations similar to mine!

Let’s see… where was I? Oh, now I remember…

When I was selected to participate in a clinical trial that required me to travel to from Austin to Los Angeles every 28 days, their so-called “Foundation” connected me with a program that paid for my flights. Oh, yeah, BIG DEAL! What if I liked the idea of spending nearly $400 (more than my monthly car payment) every 28 days on plane tickets when I had no income because I couldn’t work? Did any of their “advocates” ever consider that? I doubt it.

Next was the bike ride. They basically forced me to get on a bicycle, alongside thousands of others, and ride an insane number of miles while raising money to support those affected by cancer. Do you have any idea how sore my legs were after that? Were they trying to bring my family and I together and unite and inspire tons of people? What good is that going to do? And convincing other people to run and walk? Let me guess, Lance. You must think exercise is a good thing? Geez. WAKE UP! Give me back my BigMac and my couch!

It’s so liberating to finally get all of this off of my chest!

When my short-term health insurance plan expired and I had been denied coverage by numerous providers, LIVESTRONG probably thought I’d be real impressed when they showed up with a new program that would cover me even though I had a serious, pre-existing condition. What, so they just assumed that I would need health insurance to fight a disease that’s trying to kill me everyday? Come on. Get real.

Oh, and when that same insurance plan decided to deny me coverage of an exciting new clinical trial that has the potential to allow me and my family to walk away from cancer forever, would the people at LIVESTRONG just decide to jump in and assist me once again?

Of course they did. How convenient.

And now, low and behold, the insurance provider decided to reconsider their denial and I’ll be starting this new clinical trial in a couple of weeks with all expenses covered. Let me guess, I’m supposed to be excited about that too? Like beating cancer and living a normal life is just soooo cool and awesome? What’s next? Are you going to tell me that my wife now has hope that we may be able to have a family some day and enjoy a long life together?

I don’t know who’s in charge over there but maybe this note will catch someone’s attention. And maybe, just maybe, LIVESTRONG will stop screwing people like me and, instead, focus on ways to actually help us (as they claim they do).



Brian Rose


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108 comments on “How Lance and LIVESTRONG Totally Screwed Me
  1. Hey Coach Rose were you, by any chance a catcher? Lots of foul tips to the noggin? Such an amazing story and an inspiration to so many others! You continue to FIGHT LIKE HELL and thanks for standing tall! LIVESTRONG!

  2. Chris Benjamin says:

    Brian . . . as you can image . . . having been down this road with you for as long as I have been . . . including that damned ride . . . I was not sure what I was about to read when I clicked on this. Amazing work by you and, frankly, just the right tone. LIVE LOVE FIGHT LIK3 HELL. All my love to you and to those that have helped you/us!

  3. Bo says:

    How dare they provide outstanding service, compassion, and assistance!

    Rock on dude and FIGHT LIKE HELL!

  4. Mark Williams says:

    Well said my friend. If this wasn’t such a serious matter I would of laughed! SOOO glad your getting the therapy! DON’T STOP BELIEVIN!!!!

  5. Mom says:

    Way to tell it like it is, son!!

    Thank you, Lance and all of your people, for your vision and for carrying it out.

    Love, Hope, FIGHT LIK3 HELL, and may we all continue to LiveSTRONG <3

  6. Holly Miller says:

    Awesome Brian ! thanks for standing tall for Lance and his foundation.

  7. HARRY says:

    Very good,and informative read.

    Prayers and best wishes for you Brian, and your family! There was so much that I did not know of the foundations until it directly impacts a friend, friend of friends, and family. LIVESTRONG, and FIGHT LIK3 HELL Brian! Regards and get well soon!

  8. Ed Washuta says:

    I tried to ride in the 2005 Tour of Hope. Sometimes I forget why I got involved. Thanks Brian for helping me remember.

  9. Unbelievable!

    Lance and LIVESTRONG screwed us in completely different ways. Among them, when my son Spencer was five and on chemotherapy, Lance (and Allison among others at
    LIVESTRONG ) made special arrangements so Spencer could go on a bike ride with Lance. We had to drive all the way to the event hotel ourselves. Then Lance had the gall to slow down to chat with Spencer.

    Since Spencer has been off-treatment, he has to go annually to a LIVESTRONG Survivorship clinic where they have a personalized long term followup plan. Each year, they have the audacity to give us an updated plan and modify the followup schedule based on current research and Spencer’s circumstances.

    I don’t know how they sleep at night down there at LIVESTRONG .

  10. Carrie says:

    Thank you Brian for sharing your life and story with us. We will all continue to fight for you, your family and the other 28 million people. LIVESTRONG!

  11. Pam says:

    That was awesome! Having “been there, done that” I so appreciate your humor. It got me through a lot. Best wishes to you and your wife. LIVESTRONG! You got this!

  12. Ann Brewer says:

    Having a son (Chris) who works for Livestrong, who is himself a cancer survivor and having lost a son (Robin) to this terrible disease, I need hardly tell you how much your wonderful story meant to me. The work they are doing reverberates around the country (even the world) and will long outlive any nay sayers. I say thank God for Lance, his vision, his foundation and all his supporters!

  13. This made me cry. Thank you. (I would not have even clicked a link like that if a cancer survivor hadn’t posted it, so I knew he wouldn’t be bashing Lance.

    I did read that contributions to the foundation have been up 25% since he announcement… don’t have the source, but hope it’s true. I logged in that night, signed up for the bike ride, and donated money.

  14. LIVESTRONG and PROSPER, Lance et al

  15. I had testicular cancer aged 31 (9 years ago) and now my partner aged 30 called Laura has Melanoma. So best of luck to you. We are lucky in the UK to have free health. For LIVESTRONG to go to such a great effort to help you is amazing. My views on Lance will always be the same REGARDLESS what others try to say about him. Good luck to you brother

  16. Dara Insley says:

    Love it! Thank you!
    I do not want $ just stories, if you want to also share some of yours with Thanks! : )

  17. charles says:

    your a idiot

  18. Carole says:

    I was not sure what this was all about when I clicked on to read more. Inspirational story, all the best to you and your family.

  19. Shirley Renfro says:

    I have been battling pancreatic cancer for 8 years now, I loved this article. I literally giggled through the entire thing. What a wonderful way to put into words how wonderful Livestrong organization actually is,

  20. Mary says:

    Brian – you have a future in satire but in the meantime, I am pulling for your recovery – and looking forward to seeing those little Roses fielding the ball someday! LIVESTRONG!

  21. Jeb Hoge says:

    Great read. :) Always good to hear about good things happening.

  22. David Plinovich says:


    We met and talked at length last year at the Mission booth in Austin before the Challenge. You are an inspiration. Thank you for getting your story out there.

    David Plinovich
    Region 4 Mentor

  23. Bobbie says:

    Thank you Brian for reminding us what is important in the wake of all the talk. You are an inspiration!

  24. Thank you for sharing your tragic story with the rest of us.

    And God bless Livestrong and Lance for providing a way for others suffering from cancer to improve their lives.

    Thank you!

  25. Robert says:

    Brian, I recently lost a very dear friend to this awful thing called cancer. Lance is a hero, just by being an athlete. I am a fitness professional and was athlete all my life. You brought tears in my eyes while reading ur story. Keep fighting! Biiiiiiiiiig respect to Lance an his foundation! I always wanted but now I will take steps and be a part of it! Respect!

  26. Blueskies18 says:

    Awesome blog Brian!! Wishing you all the best!!!

  27. Rebecca says:

    Just a thought – a good friend and fellow coach of my founded Team M4M (miles for melanoma) after his diagnosis several years ago; not sure if you’re actually looking for resources or were just venting but in the event that you are – check Stenny and the MRF out. TeamM4M is doing alot of great work.

  28. fran hitchins says:

    Wow such a wonderful inspiring story. It is so important to get these stories out there so that people out of the loop like me can better understand what Lance has done and is doing. Keep spreading the good word/work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Brandon says:

    Brian – this is awesome. We need more of you. I am an almost 5 yr survivor myself and lost a close friend last Thursday to cll, among other things. We will not win this fight unless we get involved. Best of luck to you in your battle brother. Keep kicking ass. Check this article out from the other day.

  30. cinesimon says:

    Oh, well then – let’s just take away all anti-doping rules ins port, and simply allow sport to become a testing ground for pharmaceutical companies. Let them choose who will be the wining sports-folks. Let them be our children’s heroes.
    And if their drugs give the gift of cancer and other serious ailments? Well there’s always LIVESTRONG!

  31. Ang Gilchrist says:

    Loved it…shared it. I LOVE my LIVESTRONG family.

  32. kay says:

    I couldn’t believe someone was really going to bash Lance Armstrong, so I had to read on. I didn’t really understand what his foundation did I thought it was geared towards testicular cancer only…wow opened my eyes.
    thank you for sharing your story you truly are an inspiration!

  33. Chris Moos says:

    Incredible. Witty, surreal and left me awestruck. You’ve done well giving a heart to change and FIGHT LIK3 HELL. It was a pleasure to read, live and learn. Keep up the good fight, doing good stuff.

  34. Lesley says:

    Just had to correct the UK people who said there is universal health coverage in the UK. I was diagnosed with a rare form on melanoma in the eye. I was told to go home and forget about it- live in hope it would not come back despite 50% recurring outside the eye and killing the patient. I was 48 and consider too old for the National Health Service to pay for life prolonging treatment. Through a combination of self payment and appeals to NHS I have obtained treatment. I became stage IV in 2009 usually eye cancer melanoma pateints die within 3-12 months I m alive and disease free 3+ years on . I had to fight like hell the emotional support the Lance Armstrong foundation gave me was tremendous. They called me here in the UK when I was rejected by the English Macmillan cancer charity as being too rare too be worthwhile for the NHS. I m alive today cos LAF taught me to learn and fight.

  35. Paul Dillon says:

    Great story. And Brian, you are a great writer. Best of luck in fighting cancer.
    Acknowledgement: My daughter is a coinsultant with the Fertile Hope division of LIVESTRONG>

  36. jags says:

    Is that sarcasm :P

  37. Leslie says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this article .. What a great story!

  38. Dave says:

    The services LIVESTRONG provided you were done, in part, using the donations that I helped raise. Shear disgust in how they treated you… But I got your back, next year I’ll raise even MORE money, that’ll show them.

  39. Kim says:

    What a great story! You are an inspiration to so many of us who have dealt with this horrible disease. I lost my father to cancer and my mother fought it and won. I can’t believe people have the gall to reply negatively to this! Maybe, they never had to deal with cancer. I feel sorry for them. This isn’t about doping and your certainly not an idiot. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you Lance and Livestrong and everything your doing! Fight like hell!

  40. Roberto Beveraggi says:

    Some people come to live and make a statement by the work they perform for others. Some others try to make a statement by attacking people like Lance and LAF.

  41. Gerome Gacula says:

    really? seriously? you’re hilarious brian. nice work and livestrong!!!!

  42. Larry says:

    With you and Lance along with the infamous “28″ group staring down cancer, its back is definitely turning YELLOW, its legs are definitely shaking, and with even harder work, it will go down with a whimper while the survivors will come out on the top with a roar…

    From the family & I who have lost relatives & friends to cancer over the years along with my grandmother who’s a 20+ years breast cancer survivor, We thank you!!!

  43. Mb says:

    Love every word thank god a thing like live strong exist thank god lance Armstrong exist 7 yellow

  44. Zina says:

    Nice to get some facts out there. Thank you, Brian! Fight like hell!

  45. Carlos says:

    You’re awsome Brian.

    Lance 7 times thank you!!!

  46. Bas says:

    Really, why didn’t you had health insurance? Here in the Netherlands it’s obligatory

    • Karen says:

      You lucky citizens are free, civilized and respected: and therefore entitled to real health insurance in your country. The USA is opposite that–

  47. Mike C says:

    Brian. Thanks for the article. It’s great to hear how Lance and LIVESTRONG “screwed” you. I’m glad to know they are truly helping people like you.

    Keep Fighting Like Hell and Keep Living STRONG!

  48. fd says:

    Brian who? Just who the hell are you anyway?

  49. MSD says:

    All the best Brian and all the others that suffer from cancer and other illness.

    How dare Livestrong give such excelent service to the sick and needy ……..

    Stay strong ….

  50. The SkullKrusher says:

    And how does any of this negate the fact that he’s a cheating asshole? I must have missed that part.

    • Brian Rose says:

      I’m sure that’s not all you’ve missed, Skull Krusher.

      • robert McKeown says:

        great answer

        • Sharon Formstone says:

          Isnt it funny how people that just make negative, insulting comments dont ever use their real names……just shows how pathetic, ignorant and small minded they are !!!

          Good to hear how Livestrong have helped you Brian, and obviously hundreds/thousands of other people……I wonder how many Skull Krusher has helped in his lifetime !!!???? mmmmmmmm zero comes to mind !!! Oh and by the way Skull Krusher…..that is my real name, I dont have to hide a behind pathetic pseudonym !!

  51. Lee says:

    Amazing, inspirational and fantastic and long may it continue. However absolutely nothing to do the recent doping convictions against Lance.

  52. Rich LoRusso says:

    I know many would not read this because of the headline ad many would looking for he bash……very mixed signals here…”why the severe slant?

  53. KS says:

    Great to hear your story ! Fight Like Hell !!!

  54. Chris says:

    I would never belittle what Livestrong does – I admire the work they do and support them. What I can’t stand for though, is people who defend a cheater by saying “but look at all the good he has done”. This sends a really bad message to people who look at the cheater as a hero. “Hey, if my hero can cheat and still be a hero, then why shouldn’t I cheat too – if I give a bunch of my money away and fight for something good people will ignore my cheating”. This is a crappy way to raise money and truthfully should be unforgivable.

    So if you remove the cheater from Livestrong, by all means – support the organization, they do great things for a great many people. But don’t use those great things to prop up a cheater.

    • Jorge says:

      Can’t agree more Chris. The only area I’d respectfully disagree, is about the cheating, as Lance has not been proven he doped. Yes I know – verdict is out since a long time ago. Let’s face it, he probably did. However without positive test results (like Contador) it’s all hearsay, you and me and others talking and assuming he cheated just because there’s lots of ex-riders who say he did and apparently saw him doping. Until he pulls a Marion Jones and comes out (which he may never do without being cornered by the UCI) I’d still reserve judgement for the guy, and still support the organization. I’ve done the Challenge series 2 years in a row and this year I rode in memory of a dear friend that I lost to lung cancer. I have helped him connect to the Navigation Services but unfortunately he passed away before things got set in motion. Livestrong!

    • Don A says:

      Hmmm, I must have missed something. When was Lance Armstrong proven a cheat! All I have heard are accusations and words from an unregulated, public funded non profit organization who apparently lacks any jurisdiction on international cycling!

      When was the trial? Who were the witnesses? What evidence was presented?

      I have heard some proven and admitted cheats making accusations.

      Just askin?

    • helen says:

      I am sorry but in life there is something called “The Big Picture” and in this case the big picture is cancer exists, it kills ppl, it devastes lives and is running rampid. The big picture is NOT about who won a race or who didn’t, it is not about cheating or doping. The big picture is about HOPE, COURAGE, FIGHT, LIFE….the big picture is that LSF helps ppl do these things. The big picture is Lance and the ppl who work with him, donate to and seek help from the LSF are hero’s and anyone who has been touched by cancer knows this. All the negativity in the world won’t change that fact. THEY R HERO’S. I think if u r about to bash lance and his foundation u must take a second to think if the big picture…..if u or ur loved one…ur wife, husband, child were diagnosed with cancer today and you had the opportunity to have the support of LSF would u take it? Would it mean something to u then? Would u allow ur ignorance and negativity to overshadow and rob u of the possibility of life? BIG PICTURE what is yours?

  55. Dwight says:

    I am ashamed now that I let the doubters influence my view of Livestrong and did not participate in their cycling charity event in Indianapolis. Thanks for the article and I promise not to make that mistake again.

  56. Seth says:

    Step off LIVESTRONG & Lance. Thanks for writing this Brian. Keep up the fight.

    My grandmother died from breast cancer, but while she was undergoing chemo and fighting her fight, she was encouraged by Lance’s battle conquering cancer.

    I think there’s enough of us to make sure people don’t lose sight of that.


  57. Lou says:

    WTG Brian, well done and keep on fighting. Hope to see you on a bicycle ride sometime. You are an inspiration.

  58. Dwight says:

    Maybe add the word NOT in capital letters and bold with exclamation so that searchers coming across this article will not be misled?

  59. Don A says:

    Brian, battle on brother!

  60. Levi says:

    I see you have something in common with Lance. “catching”
    Lance let half the peloton stink hole him on top of Alp Duez.


  61. Rob Brehler says:

    Hi Brian,

    Live Strong and fight like hell. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Warm regards from the Netherlands.


  62. M says:

    It sounds like you have been through much over the past couple of years. Some very trying ordeals!

    In this post you state that, “When we called to make an appointment, we were told that the cost of the service would be close to $2,000 because I had no health insurance.” In your January 08, 2012 post you talk about being approved for PCIP insurance, though you do not give many details. And in your post of August 8, 2012 (“A Call to Action”) you speak with what could fairly be characterized as disgust at the current state of affairs with your insurance carrier. I have not read all of your posts, and I certainly do not know your life story, but is there as reason that you were not previously carrying health insurance (such as at the time of your fertility preservation treatments)?

    • Brian Rose says:

      I did not have health insurance when I was diagnosed. As a pro coach, I am fortunate to have easy access to team doctors, trainers, etc. Typically, my “health” needs can be addressed by these folks. Unfortunately, we don’t have oncologists on our staff.

      Hope this answers your question.

      • M says:

        To a certain extent it answers my question, but raises others. There are many, many things that team doctors can’t do. What if you were injured at home, say you fell off of a ladder and had to be rushed to the emergency room? Could the team doctors have treated you? What if you were hit in the head at work by a baseball and had to be rushed to the emergency room? It does not seem like the doctors could provide treatment in that scenario.

        I have ready access to doctors (without a fee) for routine illnesses or injuries. I still carry insurance should I suffer some serious accident or to provide treatment for longer term chronic conditions, etc.

        • Brian Rose says:

          Where exactly are you headed with this?

          • M says:

            In a number of your posts you raise the issue of insurance and cost of treatment. The responses were trying to get a more full understanding of the situation, assuming you wish to be so forthcoming?

  63. Someone says:


  64. Saundra Anne says:

    Thank u 4sharing ur story. Cancer sucks, & I am sorry u have 2deal with it in ur life. Keep healing & stay healthy. Best wishes! So happy to hear that Lance’s Livestrong was able to help So much!

  65. Jimbob Ahloughbob says:

    It was after reading the 6th paragraph that I began to suspect not all was what it seemed with this article…a couple of more paragraphs to confirm that you were, indeed, writing tongue-in-cheek.

  66. Friend of Munch says:

    MUNCH….you shouldn’t let people use you for PR purposes. Great that PharmStrong’s front helped you financially but I know you’re smarter than this. Do some research on the fraud. Hope all is well.

  67. sean moore says:

    Fight like hell! Great piece! Late to the post, sorry!

  68. Anthony Appleseed says:

    Great to hear a guy like you has been positively affected bythe organization…but its not so hard for others not touched the way you were to overlook the only way youre getting benefitted healthcare services is because Lance doped, cheated, gave himself cancer, created this big Farce of a company about living strong and now doesnt even have the “Balls” to come clean when hes caught redhanded, just deny deny deny. Also sad Nike makes so much off him they wont drop him like so many people did Tiger Woods. Lance Armstrong is a criminal and a cheating scumbag who has accidently helped out alot of sick people. end of story

    • Brian Rose says:

      Wow! Maybe you should consider starting your own website. You could unlock the great mysteries and conspiracies of the modern world.

      Meanwhile, I’ll be right here fighting for my life against cancer.

      • NSG says:

        That’s a great answer Brian! Very touching story, told in a very passionate way… Glad to hear funds raised are used the way they are meant to. Keep on fighting and LIVE STRONG!!!

  69. daddio says:

    Pablo Escabar spent millions helping people, so what. Truth is Lance Armstrong is a stinking criminal that uses philanthopy for the same purposes as many low life crooks before him, and by all means count the lives he destroyed too you one eyed blind man.

    • Brian Rose says:

      I’m being sincere here… Pablo Escobar? I get that there are mixed opinions about Lance, his past, etc. As a high profile athlete and public figure, he’s a target for scrutiny and debate. The true shame here, however, is obvious to any reasonably minded human being. Comparing Lance to one of history’s most despicable and deadly drug trafficker? A mass-murderer personally responsible for smuggling tons of illegal narcotics around the world?

      It’s easy to see that you have a personal and powerful hatred of Lance Armstrong, but surely there are some standards, no?

  70. Robert B says:

    I am not usually a fan of sarcasm but your write-up was great. I don’t want to declare I don’t care about doping in pro sports, but I am afraid the Lance Armstrong “issue” is going to be a similar lightning rod as abortion. I personally judge a person by their feet not their mouth moving and all I can say is Lance Armstrong and the Live Strong organization walk their walk. Thanks for your write up.

  71. Dana P says:

    Oh how I wished there had of been a foundation like LiveStrong back in 1987 when my LATE husband was diagnoised with HEART CANCER!!! Alan was, like Lance, a cycling fanatic and that is what enabled him to live a year. The doctors didn’t even expect him to survive the air ambulance flight from Knoxville, TN to Houston, TX. First he was a patient at Texas Heart Institute where they determined he was not a candidate for a heart transplant. Since we had no health insurance, actually we did but they were able to get out of it by saying his cancer was a pre-existing condition even tho they waived any physicals for us…all the doctors said a general physical would have NEVER caught the heart cancer…to get into T.H.I., Alan’s father had to put up $25,000! So from T.H.I. he was transfered to M.D. Anderson where he was to start chemo. We were in Houston for about 2 months then Alan decided he wanted to return to Tennessee becasue he knew there was no possibility that he would beat his cancer. Still without insurance coverage, his onocologist in Knoxville enlisted the help of the American Cancer Society to find funds and experimental chemo treatments. Alan’s feeling was that even if it didn’t help him, which he knew the odds were stacked against him, perhaps something good would come of it that may help someone in the future. He maintained his positive attitude to the very end. His heart was donated to Texas Heart Instutite, per his request, for research.

  72. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  73. Ruth says:

    Good article, I just wish it weren’t written with sarcasm. It would be easier and more pleasant to read.

  74. Barney Sarver says:

    Inspireing Coach! Thanks for telling the truth about Livestrong. What a sham! Now the world will know the truth. Seriously, your story is a blessing and a great source of encouragment to all of us. Live Stong!

  75. Rat Bastards! And they probably forced you to speak in front of 1600 people this past Friday, sharing your story and inspiring all to continue to make a difference. Can’t believe we were all forced to go to Austin, shed a few tears, reunite with old friends (and new), ride (oh, yeah, my legs are sore now as well), dare to have faith and HOPE! And these people dare to treat us as family. Just can’t believe it. and they want us back next year, what’s next? LIVESTRONG Brian, your story provides hope and inspiration to many, Can’t wait to see you in Austin again next year!

  76. Kelly Bo Belly says:

    Yup, he cheated and he’s definitely no warm-and-fuzzy guy. But I’ll continue to ride for LIVESTRONG, wear my LIVESTRONG shirts, and remind people that his real legacy is the hundreds of millions of dollars that have gone to people like Mr. Brian. Rock that yellow and kick cancer’s ass, Brian!

  77. happily not perfect in PA says:

    Thanks Brian! – I am just glad to see that all of the people who have never made a bad decision in their life took time out of their lives as perfect people to post such pleasant thoughts on your blog. It must be tought to be perfect and not famous…so no one knows you to promote you, so you have to find a blog like Brian’s to promote yourself.

    Good People Make Bad Decisions – Great People Learn from Them!

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